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Who we are .....

Cornwall Lady Guns (CLG) is a group set up by women for women.

We found that many of us had thought about taking up shooting but didn’t really know where to start. We’ve worked hard to solve that problem, and can provide ladies of all abilities with great shooting opportunities throughout the year!

Our aim is to introduce as many women to the sport as possible so you can see captivating it is, in a relaxed, supportive and safe environment.

For many of us it provides a welcome distraction from everyday life and being an all-lady group we offer encouragement and commiserate with one another as only women can! The friendships we have made are brilliant – the lasting kind.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never shot a gun before?

Firstly, don't worry we were all in that position once.  One of our expert instructors will provide a suitable gun and cartridges and guide you through your first shot step by step. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do.   

What happens at the beginners sessions ?

All of our beginners sessions are conducted by qualified coaches.  You can expect to:
*meet some like minded ladies and make some friends
*be taken through a gun safety talk
*look at your eye dominance
*be shown how to hold and mount the gun
*fire a gun and hit some clays
*most importantly have some fun

 How often do you meet?

As a club we have at least one event for beginners and two events for the more experienced shot each month.  During the game season we often have at least one shoot per month and some beating opportunities.

Do I need my own gun?

As a newbie to shooting and to make it through the Cornwall Lady Guns beginners pathway you will not need a gun or a license.  The sessions we put on all include gun hire, instructor and insurance.  Once you have completed the pathway we will talk to you about the next steps for you which may include getting a shotgun license and your own gun.

When should I apply for my license?

If you are enjoying shooting with the club and you are progressing through the beginners pathway we would advise that you consider applying for your license at the earliest opportunity.  People are experiencing significant delays in receiving licenses click here to find out more about getting your gun license. 

Do I need my own insurance?

Once you have your own gun, or if you are doing any shooting that is not organised and hosted by Cornwall Lady Guns you will need your own insurance policy.  You  can get this as part of your membership when joining an organisation such as BASC or CPSA.  Talk to us about which organisation to join as it will depend on what type of shooting you want to do.

Can I just shoot clays or do I have to shoot live game?

This is a question that many new comers to shooting ask.  The answer is simple, its completely up to you and what you are comfortable doing, there will never be any pressure put on anyone within the club.  At Cornwall Lady Guns we are a real mixed bag in terms of our shooting and we run events to cater to everyone.

Will I feel out of place if I come on my own?

Our aim as a club is to introduce ladies to shooting in a positive, safe, fun  and supporting environment.  We will be with you every step of the way and you will make lots of new friends.  If you are worried about coming along on your own let us know and we will arrange to meet up with you before the event or bring a friend along with you.

What are your terms and conditions?

I've booked an event, but now can't make it.. Sadly we aren't able to offer refunds as we need to confirm numbers of instructors and pay for your place in advance.

New to Shooting?

If you have always wanted to try shooting we would love to welcome you to our club.  We have built a pathway for beginners  where  you are taught in small groups from the basics of handling a gun and eye dominance through to safe shooting practices.

We hold regular beginners courses starting at different points in the year.  We also run a Beginners Taster day in September. 

Read about one of our recent beginners thoughts of her shooting journey here.


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